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Question: How long keep towels wet ?

Answer: Before you put the towels in the steamer you have to really soak the towels. As long as you keep the door close it could stay wet for two days. I would not recommend to have wet towels stay in the warmer more than two day it will smell bad. I turn off the warmer at the end of the day to save energy and open the door s… see more By Ponnhevy on January 29, 2018 This is a towel steamer, they will be moist. The time they will stay moist is dependent on the towel fabric, the environment, and how long they have been out of the steamer. By Madison & Park Seller on January 29, 2018 Collapse all answers 0 votes

Question: Does this have a storage tank for water or do you have to wet the towels and put them in there ?


  • Yes it has water tank and light sensor to check the water level, you have to fill up the water when it's low. The towels get hot faster if you wet them little before put them in. 
  • It has a reservoir for water. You have to use distilled water but it’s a great steamer!
  • I have two of these. You fill the water tank from the top and a red light comes on to tell you it is full and a yellow comes on when it needs more water. Needless to say I love mine so bought a second one.
  • You wet towels, add water to machine. Light tells you when to fill with water and when its full. Excellent .machine
  • Has a tank built in but you also have to wet the towels if you want them steamed quickly. I always wet mine. I have yet to try it by putting them in dry 
  • This Towel Steamer 48 has a storage tray for water where a heating element heats the water to create the steam for your towels. No need to wet the towels before loading
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